thumnai reel

paris thumbnail
Two Weeks in Paris (2018)
A short cinematic essay on my time in Paris in January of 2017.
functional family header
Functional Family (2016)
[Web-series Pilot] Shelley (Madison Seabrook) and Ted (Brenna Watkins)
are just a typical sitcom couple in a typical sitcom world.
it's murder
It's Murder (2015) 
A look at the relationship between real world events and 
themes popular on the big screen in the 1940s.
perspective thumbnail
Perspective (2015)
A cinematic essay on how people look at the world.
Winter (2015) 
A cinematic essay on the season.
gone thumbnail title card
Gone (2014)
After her roommate pushes the limits on Skyler's (Khloe Richardson) 
patience, she makes a wish that she soon regrets.
reflection thumbnail title card
Reflection (2013)
A girl (Olivia Piotrowski) searches her subconscious for 
an answer to a very important real life dilemma.
a study in nature
A Study in Nature (2013)
A cinematic essay on the nature found in my backyard.
Daydreamer (2013)
A young writer (Olivia Piotrowski) finds herself with 
writer's block as she faces a nearing deadline.
cast of shadows
Cast of Shadows (2012)
A girl (Olivia Piotrowski) feels as if she's being followed 
in her house, but she's the only one at home.

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