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Making videos has been a part of my life since I made stupid videos with my dad’s old camera as a child. Now, I work in the film industry and continue to make a broad range of short videos on the side.

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How did the Film & TV Industry Change in the 2010s?

With the end of the 2010 decade, I decided to take a look at how the film and tv industry has changed over the last decade. Spoiler alert, it has changed a lot with Disney seemingly taking over the world, streaming services continuously on the rise, and media more diverse than it has ever been.

Rich People Are Buying the Blood of Teenagers???

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get weirder… Corporations are selling a new “medical” treatment known as “young blood” and they’re advertising it as a way to reverse aging. The kicker? They’re using the blood of teenagers. Watch as I look into one such company, Ambrosia, and its founder, Dr. Jesse “Not a Doctor” Karmazin.

About Me

I bring to the table 3 years of industry experience in Development, Production, and Marketing, writing copy for social media posts, marketing reports, and nationally circulated e-newsletters. I also have experience in script coverage, having written coverage for 100+ screenplays, tv pilots, novels, and comic books.

I also love long walks on the beach and diet coke.

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