How to Write Series



How to Write an Essay in an Hour*

This essay writing method will help you write your essay in around an hour. Depending on the page-length for the essay, it may take closer to an hour and a half to complete. Either way, this method will shorten amount of time you spend on your essay. Let’s begin! … [More]



How to Begin the Writing Process

The writing process can be jaunting, trust me, I know. I have sat down to start writing and have grown frustrated when writer’s block swooped in. Once you’ve got a general idea in your head,the next step always seems to be the hardest. How do you get an idea to stop being just an idea, … (More)


How to Write – Introduction

During my time as a writer so far, I have read many articles on writing tips and how-to’s. While some of these have helped me, others have fallen short. This is expected. Everyone’s writing process is going to be different. Different tips and tricks work differently for different people. So, I am going to write … (More)


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